Simple Steps to Safe Medicine Storage

Did you know? Nearly 60,000 young children or about 4 bus loads per day end up in the ER every year because they got into medicine? It’s true. Poison Control centers get a call nearly every minute about a child who got into medicine. A good way to help protect your kids is to keep medicine stored out of reach and sight every time. What does that mean? Keeping medicine handy isn’t a safe option. Medicine should be stored in a cabinet or drawer, above counter height, where a child can’t see it. Here are some other tips that can help keep your children safe: Practice safe medicine storage as soon as your first child is born. Always keep medicine in it’s original, child-resistant packaging. Store the Poison Help Number (1-800-222-1222) in your phone and post it at home. And, instead of leaving medicine out for convenience, use reminder tools to help you remember doses Most importantly, keep medicine out of reach and sight every time.

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