Safety Tips for Parents Riding Playground Slides With Their Kids

-US 1 This mom is being extra cautious 2 watching her daughter on a playground slide. 3 There’s a good reason Heather Claire is a little nervous 4 because something terrible happened to her daughter Meadow 5 when they rode on this very same slide together. 6 Her foot got stuck between me and the bend of the slide, 7 and my weight just pushed us forward. 8 And with her leg caught, it turned her leg backwards. 9 Little Meadow was rushed to the ER. 10 Her leg was broken and placed in a pink cast. 11 The accident happened just three days 12 after she took her first step. 13 Here’s Megan Alexander. 14 Experts say thousands of children a year 15 get injured riding down the slide on a parent’s lap. 16 The weight of someone behind a child 17 doesn’t allow them to stop if a child’s limb gets caught 18 going down the slide. 19 Supermodel Chrissy Teigen 20 was shamed on social media after posting this photo 21 on a slide with daughter Luna on her lap.

22 “Just a heads up that this can break your little one’s leg.” 23 Two people should really not be going on 24 a slide at the same time, even on someone’s lap. 25 Dr. Roshini Raj 26 is an associate professor of medicine at NYU. 27 Remember that when you’re going down a slide, 28 there is a lot of forward momentum there, 29 and so, injuries can happen very quickly 30 and sometimes severely. 31 As for little Meadow, 32 three years after her terrible accident, 33 she still loves the slide, 34 but her cautious mom always lets her go by herself..

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