Playground Rules and Regulation

Playground Rules and Regulations Safety on the playground is essential for children to Play, Learn and Grow together. Safety always comes first, Remember if it is not safe, it is not allowed. Students must be visible for playground aids or teachers. Students must stay with in the boundaries. Students should never hide, go behind buildings or behind the ice rink.If you can’t see the teacher they can’t see you. There is not climbing above any equipment. Remember Stay under to be safe! On top is Unacceptable. So remember stay under to be safe! Here are a few examples – stay under the track ride! and Stay under the monkey bars! On top of any equipment is unacceptable! Stay inside the tunnels, to be safe! Always go down the tunnel slides to be safe! On top is unacceptable! Always go down the slides! going up the slides is unacceptable.

Always sit on the swings! including the tire swings and remember to take turns! and include everyone. Standing on the swings is unacceptable! Remember NEVER jump off any equipment! Use the stairs or ramps, go down the slides or climb down the ladders. Jumping off any equipment is unacceptable. Tag games are allowed on the playground as long as these rules re followed. Play tag games on the ground (in the grassy areas or on the rocks or tar) – When you tag – touch softly. If they say stop, respect their wishes. Agree on the rules before you begin! and include everyone who wants to play. A few more rules! remember rocks stay on the ground! NO balls are allowed on the playground equipment. Flip-flops are NOT allowed in the grass or on the playground equipment. If you use any equipment, return it to the ball cart, when you are finished and before you line up! Respect everyone! Any adult can enforce the rules! All students can help each other and give reminders if needed.

It is each individual student’s choice on what to wear to the playground but do dress for the weather. If an adult suggests a jacket go get one. In the winter every student needs wear 5 items to be allowed to play in the snow. #1 a hat #2 gloves or mittens #3 an appropriate jacket #4 snow pants #5 boots. How to walk safely to the playground! It will look like *two people wide *walking on the grass side of the sidewalk *hands and feet to ourselves *always walking and *stay out of the danger zone and off of the road. In the road or danger zone is unacceptable. – On the grass is unacceptable. Thank you for following these rules and have a fun safe play time- thank you.

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