How to ride a bike safely with Rules of the Road fun for Kids

– [Narrator] Hi, Henry Hornby here. You know riding a bike can be a lot of fun and good for your health, too. But, you got to remember riding a bike gets you out on the public streets. If you’re not careful and keep your eyes open, you could get hurt. Bike safety is important for anyone who rides a two wheeler. From ages six to 76, let’s take a look at how you can be safe on your bike. Even before you get on and ride off make sure you have a helmet and it fits you the right way. Just remember 2v1. No, that’s not a baseball score. That means your helmet should be two fingers above your eyebrows. The straps should make a vee shape around your ears and one finger should fit under your chin between it and the strap.

Now that your helmet fits, make sure your bike fits, too. Stand over your bicycle. There should be about an inch or two between you and the top bar. If you ride a mountain bike then three to four inches will work. The bike should be level and the height should allow a slight bend at your knee when your leg is out all the way. And be sure you’ve got the right amount of air in your tires and check your brakes, too. Remember, you might see other bikes and cars on the streets but be sure they can see you. White is not the best color to wear, no matter what you’ve heard.

You should actually wear bright, reflective clothing. Fluorescent or neon stripes are great. Keep you eyes peeled for trouble on the streets. Pot-holes, glass, piles of leaves or puddles. They can all cause you to lose control of your bike then you might get hurt and you might not be able to ride that cool bike of yours for a while. And if you have to ride at night, remember that you’re much harder to see in the dark. You should have a white light on the front and red reflectors on the back. And reflective tape on your clothes is a must. Now, just like the cars and trucks that you share the streets with; you have rules of the road that you must follow.

If you’re under 10 years old you probably should stay off the streets and keep to the sidewalks. Keep a sharp eye out for cars pulling in and out of driveways and anyone walking. Remember, you’re sharing the sidewalk with others. Ride on the right side of the street going with the flow of traffic. Be sure to obey all traffic laws. Just like the mom in the SUV or the delivery guy in the truck, you are the driver of a vehicle. Obey stop signs, stop lights, and land markers. Keep your eye out for people on the sidewalks and streets. If necessary, use a horn like me (beep beep) to let everyone know you’re around but don’t over do it, okay? Don’t weave in and out of parked cars and driveways. Keep on a straight line. And if you’re with your friends, ride single file, not next to each other. Riding a bike can be your first step to being independent. But take it from me, Henry Hornby, riding safe is the only way to go..

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