Christmas Fire Safety Tips for Families & Kids (Educational Videos or Students)

Hey Kylie, why are you so happy? Hey Mr. Earl. I am so excited right now. Really. Why are you excited? Because today we had some of our local firefighters visit us in class, to talk about fire safety at Christmas time for kids and families. That is cool. What did you learn? One thing we learned was to read instructions on Christmas lights. That is because you have to be very careful how many strings of lights you connect together. We also learned when buying decorations look for non-flammable decorations. That makes sense. Connecting too many electrical cords and Christmas lights, may cause a fire. Yes they also talked about being careful with lighting candles. They told us how candles may cause fires if they burn to long and people forget about them. Instead try using battery-operated flameless candles. These type of candles can look, smell and feel like real candles. But Kylie I like real candles. I understand Mr. Earl. My mom does too. If you do use lit candles, make sure they are in stable holders and place them where they cannot be knocked down easily.

That is good to know. Mr. Earl, do you have a Christmas tree? I get a fresh Christmas tree every year Kylie. Well with fresh Christmas trees they can be dangerous. To keep your tree from getting dry; keep plenty of water in your tree stand, because a dry Christmas tree is a dangerous Christmas tree. Cool Kylie. Also when picking a place to put your Christmas tree up in your home for the holidays you can’t forget to put it in a place that is far away from a heat sources like your heater, or a fireplace. That is right. Well Mr. Earl I have to go. but have a very Merry Christmas..