Children Should Ride in the Back Seat

[music] The thrill of riding in cars with kids. The importance of doing it safely. Welcome, everyone, to the Wide World of Car Seats. [cheering] Today’s competitor, Lisa. Can Lisa figure out how to ride safely with a child? Let’s see. [bell dings] Oh, the front seat is no place for kids under 13. [buzzer] Crowd: Come on. Come on. That’s the right place but… She’s still missing something. [buzzer] Crowd: Boo! What is she doing now? She’s thinking. Hmm. She seems like she has something. She’s going for a car seat, folks. A rear-facing model. That’s perfect for this child’s age, height and weight. Will you look at that, attaching the anchors. No twists in the straps. It’s all about finesse, folks, not speed. [music] What technique – Yes. Ah, making sure the harness is snug. Crowd: Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! And she’s got it! Spectacular. [bell dings twice] Remember, folks, when it comes to cars, kids should always ride in the back buckled in the right car seat.

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